Your standing in The Urbz is solely a function of your Urb's Reputation (or Rep). Your Rep is the key to most of the game's unlockable rewards.

Rep, in turn, is based on your Urb's relationships with other Urbz in every subculture. To gain Rep, you must earn strong relationships (either positive or negative) with Urbz from every subculture. If you limit yourself to just your own subculture, you'd only yeild a Rep of about 100.

Calculating ReputationEdit

Reputation is, roughly speaking, the average of all individual relationships with other Urbz.

Specifically, it's the total of all relationships divided by 48 (the 45 NPC Urbz plus the three other player Urbz you may create) and multiplied by 10. This number is then converted to it's absolute value. (i.e., a score of 50 or -50 would both yeild a Rep of 50). Thus, you can build a Rep on negative or positive relationships.

The more Urbz you know, and the futher their relationships are from 0, the higher your Urb's Rep. Having lots of relationships lowers the average relationship necessary to reach higher Rep. If your Urb knows all 48 Urbz, all rewards are unlocked if the relationships with every Urb are only +/- 37. Knowing only half that many Urbz requires minimum individual relationships of +/- 74.

Since many goals require befriending Urbz, if you want your sim to gain rep from negative relationship scores, you'll have to befriend the Urb, unlock the goal, and then trash the relationship.

Reputation LevelsEdit

As you gain Rep, you unlock titles.

Rep Score Rep Title # of Best Friends Leader Title # of Nemesis Bad Rep Title
2 Newbie Urb
10 Contender
20 Wannabe
30 Poser 2 Crook
40 Emulator 3 Rabble
55 Scenester 4 Goon
85 Mover 6 Ace 6 Crasher
160 Trendsetter 12 Producer 8 Rebel
270 Player 18 Boss 12 Da' Schniz
370 Superstar
500 Perfectionist
999 Urbz Fanatic!

Particularly well-liked or hated Urbz receive the title of Leader of Bad Rep instead of the standard Rep title. These titles are based on both overall Rep and the number of best friends (relationship 40) or nemeses (relationship -40). However, once Rep rises above 370, these special monikers give way to the three elite Rep titles (Superstar, Perfectionist and Urbz Fanatic!)

To achieve Perfectionist, all relationships with other Urbz need to be at or beyond +/- 50

To achieve Urbz Fanatic! all relationships with other Urbz need to be at +/- 100


When a Rep threshold is crossed, it's reward is unlocked and the victory is announced onscreen, along with your Urb doing a victory dance. Once somethins is unloced by Reputation, it stays unlocked even if Rep later falls below the threshold.

Unlocks by Rep ScoreEdit

Unlocked Item Rep Required
Apartment: 98th Ave., Third Floor 2
VIP Room 1 10
District 2 20
Mental Skill Object 1 25
Reputation Object / EyeToy Tier 1 30
VIP Room 2 35
District 3 40
Physical Skill Object 1 45
VIP Room 3 55
District 4 65
Artistic Skill Object 1 70
Mental Skill Object 2 75
Apartment: Blankwood Towers 80
Reputation Object / EyeToy Tier 2 85
VIP Room 4 90
District 5 100
Physical Skill Object 2 110
VIP Room 5 125
District 6 140
Artistic Skill Object 2 150
Reputation Object / EyeToy Tier 3 160
VIP Room 6 170
District 7 185
Mental Skill Object 3 200
VIP Room 7 220
District 8 240
Physical Skill Object 3 255
Reputation Object / EyeToy Tier 4 270
VIP Room 8 280
District 9 300
Artistic Skill Object 3 320
VIP Room 9 340
Reputation Object / EyeToy Tier 5 370