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Energy Need Icon

represents you Urb's need for sleep. Energy slowly decreases while they are awake. It can be hastened by engaging in strenuous activities like dancing. If a urb runs out of Energy, he/she will collapse from exhaustion, and fall asleep on the floor. Sending a urb to work with low energy will harm their performance.

Impact of Lack of SleepEdit

Every day your Urb goes without increasing Energy by at least 25 points via a bed only, the rate of Energy decay doubles. Avoid bed for another day, and the rate of Energy decay is doubled again. And so on.

Replenishing EnergyEdit

You can replenish Energy in three ways. Sitting, sleeping, or drinking.


Chairs and benches give a small boost to Energy.


Sofas and beds allow your Urb to sleep, replenishing Energy. The more expensive the sleeping surface, the faster the Energy is restored.


Coffee, expresso and energy drinks all boost Energy.More expensive coffee makers give bigger boost to Energy. The downside of this method is that caffeine speeds the decay of your Bladder motive.

Mood ImpactEdit

Energy dramatically impacts Mood when it is high. The effect becomes less intense as the need depletes, and levels off in the middle range. When it descends to -40, the mood impact begins to grow again, climbing quickly as total exhaustion (-100) nears.

Failure StateEdit

When Energy fully depletes, an Urb will fall asleep on the floor where they are standing. They can't get back up until they've regained some Energy. This can take a while as the floor gives a very slow Energy increase. If the Urb passes out in public, and the cop is nearby, they may be issued a fine.