There are 16 doors available for purchase in game. Each district gets two or three unique doors.

Name Photo District Price
Rolled-Up Door Central Station §100
Classic Door South Side Bridge §300
No Exit Door Central Station §30
Wrought Iron Door Skyline Beach §120
Solana Vista Window Cozmo Street §300
Warehouse Door The Foundry §50
Pre-Blackened Door Gasoline Row §150
Reflexcellence Door South Side Bridge §450
Impact Traffic Door Central Station §75
Duratallic Door The Foundry §200
Neonova Commercial Door Neon East §500
Trolley Door Central Station §80
Dungeon Door Neon East §250
The "Swank Plank" Diamond Heights §700
Reinforced Door Gasoline Row §100
Deko Door Cozmo Street §280

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