After selecting your Urb's home district, you enter Create an Urb mode. This is where you customise your character, selecting facial and body features.


You can select either Male or Female (default).


There are four body types to choose from. Normal (default), skinny, curvy, or muscular.


There are five skin tones to choose from. Light (default), medium, white, tan and dark.



Female Urbz have five hairstyles to choose from at this stage. Purple shoulder length (default), blonde pigtails, brown bob, brown curls, and black shorter bob.


There are five options for the shape of the face/head. Small (default), wide, pointy, long, and round.


There are four eye options. Normal eyes with round brows, round eyes with very round brows, eager eyes, and normal eyes with straight brows. There is no option to change eye colour, it is always brown.


There are three ear options. Normal (default), small and large.


There are four nose options. Small (normal), big, sharp and button.


There are four mouth options. Normal (default), thick lips, small mouth, and wide mouth.

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