Clothing is an important gameplay element in The Urbz, unlike in other Sims games where the only purpose it serves is aesthetic. Clothing items have associated subcultures. When you are wearing items that match the subculture of the Urb you're speaking to, socialisation is easier, and you'll be allowed to enter that district's VIP area. Conversely, if you wear clothes from other districts, socialisation is more difficult and you'll not be allowed in that VIP area.

Social ImpactEdit

If your clothes match the subculture of the Urb you're speaking to, the chance of success of any positive interaction increases by up to 20%, and the chances of a nagative interaction being accepted decreases by up to 20%. Being in a different subculture's outfit will lower the success probability by up to 20%.

Regardless of Rep score, your Urb must be appropriately dressed in that subculture's Upper Body clothing on their initial visit to a district's VIP room to be allowed inside.

Clothing Reactions by Recipient SubcultureEdit

Your Urb Neon East Central Station Foundry Diamond Heights Cozmo Street Kicktail Park South Side Bridge Gasoline Row Skyline Beach
Central Station 20 20 0 -5 -5 15 -20 15 0
Cosmo Street 15 -5 0 15 20 -20 0 -5 -20
Diamond Heights 0 -5 -20 20 15 -5 15 -20 0
Foundry 15 0 20 -20 0 15 -5 -20 -5
Gasoline Row -5 15 -20 -20 -5 0 0 20 15
Kicktail Park 0 15 15 -5 -20 20 -5 0 -20
Neon East 20 -20 15 0 15 0 -20 -5 -5
Skyline Beach -5 0 -5 0 -20 -20 15 15 20
South Side Bridge -20 -20 -5 15 0 -5 20 0 15

These percentages are also dependent on how many items of clothing your Urb is wearing that match the subculture.

Clothing ContributionEdit

Each sector of the body has a fixed contribution of the entire clothing boost.

Upper Body 40%
Lower Body 10%
Shoes 20%
Hat or Hair 20%
Glasses 10%

For example, if all the clothing your Urb is wearing is from the Foundry, and you're talking to a Urb from the Foundry:

Upper Body 40% x 20 = 8%
Lower Body 10% x 20 = 2%
Shoes 20% x 20 = 4%
Hat or Hair 20% x 20 = 4%
Glasses 10% x 20 = 2%

You'll get the full 20% boost. If you were wearing the wrong shoes, the percentage would go down to 16%

Piercings, tattoos, belts and jewelery have no impact on social interaction probabilities; they are purely aesthetic.

Acquiring ClothingEdit

Your Urb starts out with default outfit, which doesn't have any subculture links.

Every district has a clothing store, where you can acquire items specific to that subculture.

Purchasable ItemsEdit

Section Items
Head Hat or hair (only one will show), glasses, make-up (including facial hair)
Body Shirt, pants, shoes
Body Extras

Jewelry, belts, tattoos, piercings

Changing ClothingEdit

Every district has a squatter apartment with an armoire, which contains every item of clothing you've purchased. You can also buy and armoire and change clothes at your apartment.

As you amass clothing items, it can be hard to tell which items are associated with which subculture. The easy way to only wear clothes from a particular subculture is to go to that districts's store. Any previously purchased items from that store will be there, at a price of 0 simoleons, so you can put those clothes on for free.