Central Station is a location on The Urbz: Sims in the City.


Central Station is placed in a train station. There are two places inside the train. One has sits, a stereo and a shop. The other one has two video games, sits, a food machine and a drink machine. Another place is the room. It has a bed and a wrdrobe. Outside of it, there is another food machine. The bathroom is beside the staircase.going through the two "train rooms", there is a room where you can work. There is also a clothes shop and The Fight Cage.

Native UrbzEdit


Screen punks001
Trait Score
Neat 0
Playful 0
Nice 5
Active 9
Outgoing 0


The work in the Central Station is piercing making. As in every place, there are three work levels. In this work, you have to press one button at time. In the first level,


The villian of Central Station is Urangoo McBain. You can defeat him by using .

VIP RoomEdit

Screen location004
The Fight Cage is the VIP room of Central Station. You will need REP and STYLE to enter, as in any other place. In it there is only a fight cage.

Subculture RelationshipsEdit

Central Station Urbz are friendly with Kic

ktail Park and Gasoline Row, and enemies with Neon East and South Side Bridge. During the day, Kicktail Park Urbz will visit Central Station. At night, Neon East Urbz will visit.


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Signature Social Interactions

Social Interaction Meun Unlock
Head Butt Greet Gasoline Row, Job Level 1
Spit Trick Friendly Befriend Beezebob Jones
Bite Romantic South Side Bridge, Job Level 2
Sign Language Mean Skyline Beach, Job Level 3
Panhandle Mean Befriend Frag Grrl